“If it weren’t for black and blue, I would not have a wardrobe.”
J.L.Davis, 1997

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BIKER TEE has been serving the biker community since 2002. It is the home of the Official Independent Biker Logo, with the “Free As The Wind” motto. It is owned and operated by the Lady Biker from North Carolina who runs BIKERS USA  magazine and rides a Harley Sportster 1200 XLH.


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Go directly to the motorcycle t-shirts department, or for an even larger selection of biker tees and motorcycle apparel, including motorcycle parts, go to gear.BikersUSA.com



RUN FOR THE WALL IN VIRGINIA - 5/28. Special Photojournal report from BIKERS as the Southern Route arrived in Roanoke, VA on 5/26.

RUN FOR THE WALL - return trip in progress. Next major event is the Laconia Rally and the MAWMR for women bikers.

Find a Harley-Davidson to buy at Hawg Used Harley. There are currently more than 1900 Harley motorcycles for sale. If you are selling your Harley, list it at Hawg Used Harley and it is automatically listed on 40 affiliate sites. Used Harleys,  custom choppers and American-made cruiser class motorcycles  are the only motorcycles we sell.

In addition to offering quality products, Biker Tee has always been dedicated to the biker lifestyle. As such, there are a variety of resources you probably don’t find at other biker stores. You will find information related to BIKE WEEK and other major motorcycle events and rides across America.



Myrtle Beach Bike Week 2005

5/13/2005 - 5/22/2005

2005 will be the 65th Annual Bike Week at Myrtle Beach, SC. The third Saturday of May is always the last Saturday of Myrtle Beach Bike Week. Approximately 200,000 bikers.


The Original Biker Tee features the official Independent Biker Logo and Free as the Wind motto. This was the first logo ever declared to be the Independent Biker logo, so that makes it official. Several motorcycle clubs which call themselves independent have started up and have logos now, but they can’t claim their logo is the one and only independent biker logo, because this is it. We are currently out of stock but will take orders. Biker Gear

BIKERS Magazine and Biker Tee has no ties to Organized Crime.
3/13/2005 Raleigh, NC
Researchers from Canadas third largest univeristy, York University, recently listed a sister site of BIKERS Magazine,
Biker Tee, under the category of Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs on their Organized Crime Web Links Page. They were correct that it has links to one percent motorcycle clubs. However, so do many of the top sites, including the new Motorcycle Clubs directory at BIKERS. If it were worth my time, I’d ask York University to recategorize in order to make it clear that Biker Tee is not. I’d have to explain, and they wouldn’t understand. For the record, Bikers Magazine is owned by independent bikers.

Note: One percenters are serious bikers who ride every day. They work, have families, and have a reputation for riding hard and partying hard. The one percent patch does not imply criminal, outlaw motorcycle gangs, or organized crime. It implies dedication to their brotherhood and riding.

 the original, one and only Bikers Magazine.

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Motorcycle Magazines

If you are interested in motorcycle magazine subscriptions, go to BIKERS Magazine. Bikers who have been visiting Biker Tee for years all know that its’ owned by the same lady biker who publishes BIKERS. Since BIKERS is an online magazine only, we’re not competing with Easyriders or any of the other motorcycling magazine that is printed and sold in stores, so we’ll be glad to fix you up with a subscription to any of the top cycling magazines. We even say really nice things about them as often as possible.

Like, back in the 60’s, Easyriders helped educate the world about the motorcycling community not being biker trash. They did this by just telling it like it is. I was reading through the internet a few years ago and found a thesis done about Easyriders by some professor type. I think he was from Pennsylvania or Ohio. I’m not into most things that scholars have to say about bikers, but this one was actually interesting. (I wish I could find it now.)

I believe the deals on motorcycle magazine subscriptions you will find at the BIKERS Store are discounted and as good as you’ll find anywhere. It certainly beats what you’d pay at a retail store. When you’re done subscribing, ya’ll come on back and order up a motorcycle t-shirt.

View Motorcycle Magazines Now


3/15/05 - I gave it some serious thought and decided to actually spend some money and time to give Biker Tee some serious improvements during the 2005 motorcycling season. If you think the current Biker Tee is just another yada yada place, you might want to bungy yourself to your seat and visit often. I’m so cheap that it usually holds me back, and Biker Tee was suffering as a result. I’ve got more time than money, so now that I spent a little money, Biker Tee is going to rock! Please check back as it shifts into high gear.

Oh, by the way, if anyone wants to set up their own shop on Biker Tee Shops, it’s something we can make happen.

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BIKER TEE is my company name. It is one of several dba companies owned and operated by AeroScore, Inc. AeroScore is the same company that publishes BIKERS USA the original online magazine. Just so you’ll know, if you conduct business with Biker Tee, I might ask that you make the check payable to AeroScore, Inc. Biker Tee owns the copyright on the official independent biker logo. Biker Tee also sells motorcycle t-shirts, biker apparel and other products made by other designers through affiliations with some of the major places that bikers tend to go to shop for quality motorcycle products, in which case, you make the deal with them, pay them, and expect them to deliver your goods. If you ever run into a problem with any advertisers, please let me know immediately. I’ve never had anyone ripped off and pledge to do my best to keep it that way. Bad people suck.